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Birgit Alaya Brinkpeter

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Simpson Protocol & Simpson Protocol Online - Certified Practitioner Birgit Alaya Brinkpeter

The purple and white Simpson Protocol Certificate from Birgit Alaya Brinkpeter
My trainings
Naturopath for Psychotherapy
Graduate in business administration
born 1963 in Gelsenkirchen-Buer
Psychotherapeutic training:
Non-medical practitioner (psychotherapy)
ILP (Integrated Solution-Oriented Psychology)
Executive coaching
Hypnosis training (Thermedius Institute)
Medical hypnosis (Thermedius)
(pain therapy, anxiety, burn out, depression, trauma)
Hypnosis for sleep disorders and psychosomatics (Thermedius)
Dreamlandtherapist certified and trained by Ingo Simon
HPX Masterclass Hypnosis with Ingo Simon
Elman Induction (Stin-Niels Musche, Hypno School)
Simpson Protocol Practitioner training with Ines Simpson
Certification as Certified Practitioner with Ines Simpson
Yager Code with Dr. Norbert Preetz
EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
Energetic Psychotherapy (Institute at the Ruhr)
Advanced Integrative Therapy  
(North German Institute for Systemic Solutions)
Recognised healer according to the guidelines of the Dachverband für Geistiges Heilen DGH e.V. (umbrella organisation for spiritual healing)
Training as a healer (Oliver Wiedemer)
QCT Quantum Healing with Andrew Blake
Work with the healing points
Reiki Therapist (Master degree Usui)
Training with Doreen Virtue
Training as a sound therapist with Frank Plate
Continuing education in sound therapy
Litios Crystal Partner
Continuing education in "A Course in Miracles" studies for 12 years
Spinal and joint therapy according to Dorn & massage according to Breuss
Member of the Association of Independent Psychotherapists, Naturopaths for Psychotherapy and Psychological Counsellors e.V.
Member of the ILP Association - Integrated Solution-Oriented Psychology
September 2008 Assistant Training Manager Integrated Solution-Oriented Psychology in Ratingen.
Member of the Umbrella Association for Spiritual Healing DGH e.V.


"I have walked many paths, undergone various therapeutic and spiritual trainings, and learned from numerous teachers, always driven by the desire to expand my consciousness and uncover the truth. As a child, at the age of 2, I had a touching encounter with Mother Mary. It was only much later that I became aware of my innate clairvoyance. Throughout my journey, I have always been deeply moved by the poems of Rumi and the teaching of works  such as the Tao Te Ching  by Lao Tzu, A Course in Miracles and many other profound writings."
I offer:
Empathy, an open ear :-) and a wealth of experience-these are the foundations of my work. Accompanied by my innate clairvoyance I engage in thorough preparation. During our session you are my sole focus, and I offer my undivided attention. My approach is highly efficient and cause-oriented, often requiring only a few sessions (1 to 3). Before our appointment, you will receive a video from me for the best possible preparation for the best possible result for you.
The Simpson Protocol is a holistic approach suitable for addressing any issue, with a particular emphasis on enhancing self-esteem and releasing blockages and limiting beliefs.

I look forward to our appointment!"

white & purple logo: Simpson Protocol - Certified Practitioner
You can find more information about my work and about me on my main page:

" In every hypnosis session we also have a personal, detailed preliminary talk. Before our appointment, I send you preparatory documents and a video. This way, you are optimally prepared, and we can devote ourselves entirely to your personal topic during our appointment."

Ongoing training and supervision. Participation in Honey Lawsome's monthly Simpson Protocol practice group.

Active participant and member of the Ines Simpson Certified Plus Forum - The Simpson Protocol `Masterclass`.

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