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Simpson Protocol & Simpson Protocol Online - Birgit Alaya Brinkpeter

"Welcome to the Simpson Protocol!
I am Birgit Alaya Brinkpeter.  With my passion for hypnosis and  with many  years of experience, I support people on their path to physical and emotional healing. My goal is to help you to realise your full potential and live a happy, fulfilled life. With the Simpson Protocol, I offer you a unique method to reach deep into your subconscious and bring about effective change. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, physical ailments or emotional blocks, I am here to guide you on your path to self-healing. Contact me today to make an appointment and take the first step towards your new life.

As a non-medical practitioner (naturopath  limited to the field of psychotherapy), I am not allowed to make any healing promises.
The Simpson Protocol is designed to activate your self-healing powers and is, of course, not a substitute for seeing a doctor!"

What is the Simpson Protocol?
How and why hypnosis sessions work.

"The Simpson Protocol was developed by the Canadian Ines Simpson and is a particularly innovative method of hypnosis that makes it possible to go deeply into the subconscious and bring about positive changes. Having experienced various hypnosis styles and learned from multiple teachers, I consider the Simpson Protocol as the missing piece of the puzzle and the connection to All That Is. With this technique you can use your own inner resources to overcome blockages and develop your full potential. The Simpson Protocol offers a safe and effective way to achieve personal goals, such as overcoming fears, ending unhealthy habits, or increasing self-confidence and self-love. We collaborate with the higher part of your mind that knows all the answers and causes, and I'll demonstrate how it works in a moment!
In understanding the mind, we recognize two components: the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Your  conscious mind is your rational critical mind that helps you make decisions and also take responsibility for the things you are aware of. Your unconscious mind is the part of your mind that takes care of everything else for you and controls everything you do without conscious effort such as blinking, laughing, crying, breathing, your heartbeat, and so on.

Your subconscious remembers every experience. It really remembers everything. Even the time in the womb up to this point in your life. Everything you have heard, touched, smelled, seen, all sensory impressions and all emotional reactions. Everything you have learned is stored in the database of your subconscious.

That's why you don't have to learn to tie your shoelaces every day. You can do it and you do it easily and always in the same way. Just like many other things.  Simply without thinking.

Our subconscious mind accesses this database millions of times every day. In fact, we control only 5% with our consciousness. The rest is controlled by our subconscious. Our reactions are automatic and maybe you know that sometimes you don't understand your reactions.
It is a learned behaviour. We are conditioned beings and we react to the same stimuli, in the same way, every time.
It is very unlikely that you remember when you first learned that reaction because the event was so insignificant at the time, but over time the subconscious reaction became more intense because the subconscious became more practised and better at reacting. This is how our habits are formed.

Maybe you used to get angry about something when you were a child, but over time something similar happened and that first old experience got triggered. This has gradually turned into anger. Fear also arises in the same way.
All your habits and beliefs have developed in the same way - from the first event and subsequent experiences.You don't even notice this development because it is so gradual in the background.
Every reaction to a stimulus is something you have learned and practised. When the stimulus occurs, the mind is still the same age as when it first reacted, but it acts with all the practice it has experienced.

Negative behaviors tend to intensify with time. Habits, beliefs about food, exercise, fear, sadness, procastination or perfectionism are learned and may worsen over time. It is the same with  limiting beliefs about money, partnership, or a lack of self-esteem. Understanding this development is crucial in recognizing and changing such patterns.

Just as some people consume alcohol, tobacco or too many sweets - or create such habits as nail biting, teeth grinding a restless sleep or sexual dysfunction. You weren't born with it - you learned it.

The process to address these patterns is simple - The Simpson Protocol.
While you may be familiar with your conscious and subconscious minds, you might not know about your Super Conscious Mind. This powerful and wise part mediates between the conscious mind, subconscious mind, body, and soul during our work. It serves as the connection between All That Is, representing love without words and an eternal connection. The Super Conscious Mind works for your highest good, protecting and guiding you."

The Simpson Protocol - how it works

"In the Simpson Protocol  we work directly with your Superconscious Mind. As the hypnotist communicates with you comfortably in hypnosis, you will harness the power of your Superconscious Mind—the wise and powerful part of your mind that holds all the causes, answers, and solutions, always working for your highest good.
During our sessions, you will utilize the power of your own mind, specifically your Superconscious Mind, to address and resolve your issues.

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It's important to note that you will not be asleep during our sessions; you will hear my voice continuously. You maintain control, and our communication occurs through finger signals or sometimes verbally. For example, I may ask which finger indicates 'yes' and which 'no.' As the hypnosis deepens, you may feel as though your fingers move on their own, guided by an inner impulse. There is no right or wrong—everything unfolds as it should. The Simpson Protocol is sometimes referred to as hypnosis without words, eliminating the need for detailed discussion about your issues. Your Superconscious mind knows the connections and does all the work for you. A process many clients find comfortable. I ask, for example, if there are limiting beliefs that are causing or influencing the problem - without requiring specific details—your Superconscious Mind knows. I then ask your Superconscious to release these beliefs, a straightforward process facilitated by your Superconscious doing all the work for you. It's that simple!  You can't do anything wrong! Everything is always just as right as it is!

Our sessions involve a comprehensive protocol, exploring all potential causes and connections related to your issue. We request your Superconscious to dissolve these causes or blockages. Additionally, you will learn self-hypnosis in the first session, using code words that we provide. This empowers you to easily enter hypnosis at home, working with your Superconscious Mind to, for example, restore self-esteem or enhance self-love.
I express gratitude to Ines Simpson for her outstanding work. I am delighted to have received direct training from her and to be part of the inner circle participating in monthly meetings. Notably, the Simpson Protocol is holistic and versatile, suitable for any topic.
Its primary goal is to strengthen self-esteem and foster self-love—a transformative breakthrough for many of my clients."
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What It Is - (Says Love)
The Process is Simple - The Simpson Protocol
You know about your conscious mind and your subconscious mind, but you may not yet be familiar with your superconscious mind, also known as your Super Conscious Mind. It is the part of your mind that mediates between your conscious mind, subconscious mind, body, and soul when we do the work. For me, it is the part that connects us all. Everything is One, and we are Everything. We cannot define it without limiting it—the connection between All That Is. The love without words. The eternal connection. This powerful, wise part protects you and always works for your highest good.

I look forward to our appointment!

Phone me to find out   if the Simpson Protocol fits your needs.
(15 minutes free of charge)

Tel: + 49 (0) 209 592960

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